Plastic Bank

By sourcing from Plastic Bank we’ve recycled over 25,000 plastic bottles, harvested from the sea, to create the Ocean5 range of eco fashion slides and trainers. Our goal is to turn plastic waste into a solution.


Plastic Bank’s mission is to stop Ocean Plastic by gathering a billion people together to monetise waste while improving lives. The Plastic Bank is a root cause solution to prevent the flow of plastic into our oceans.


By enabling the exchange of plastic for money, items or Blockchain secured digital tokens, the true value in plastic is revealed. This empowers recycling ecosystems around the world and stops the flow of plastic into our oceans. All while helping people living in poverty build better futures.

 Plastic Bank

The Plastic Bank creates social and environmental impact in areas with high levels of poverty and plastic pollution by turning plastic waste into a currency.


To do this, The Plastic Bank provides a consistent, above-market rate for plastic waste, thus incentivising its collection. Individuals who gather the plastic can trade it for money, items or services.


The Plastic Bank also provides the ability for local entrepreneurs to set up and operate a convenience store for the poor, in which plastic waste is the currency. Plastic collected through The Plastic Bank is recycled and sold at a premium as Social Plastic®.


The value of Social Plastic® goes beyond the commodity price of plastic: a ladder of opportunity is created for the world’s poor by providing access to income, goods and services and plastic is kept out of the ocean.


Verified Social Plastic® has either contributed or been sourced directly from the Plastic Bank’s global reward and recycling systems.


In addition to using Plastic Bank’s recycled plastic, both people and companies have the ability to off-set their own plastic footprint.