Ocean 5 Sustainable Shoes Sunset

About Us

Our journey started two years ago, sat with a flask of coffee overlooking a beautiful sunset across Poole Bay in Dorset where, with notebook and pen, we first sketched the idea for a pair of slides. Today, our determined team is set to create a storm in the world of sustainable fashion.


The five oceans – Atlantic, Arctic, Indian, Pacific and Southern – are the body of water that encircles our world and so the inspiration for our name was simple.


Ocean5 is born from our enduring passion for the sea and this great planet we live on. Our oceans are struggling and turning the tide on plastic waste is key to sustaining marine life and protecting the stunning ecosystems which lie beneath the surface.


Our commitment is to take the problem of plastic waste and turn it into a solution by creating products that combine sustainability with innovative design, function and fashion. By harvesting plastic waste from our oceans and using advanced technology and responsible manufacturing, we’ve created premium products that incorporate both style and comfort whilst reducing our impact on the planet.


Our journey has just begun and we hope you’ll join us. By supporting Ocean5 you join a growing community in the fight against plastic waste and saving our seas. Wear the ocean, save the ocean.

 Ocean5 Founder: Amanda Evans



I recall sitting on a bench on Evening Hill, overlooking Poole Bay, and the beauty of the scene in front of me was just breathtaking.


I’d recently moved to the area after my mum had passed away and found myself taking regular walks along the beach front to clear my head and reflect. The sea became my cathartic release and, having taken up open-water swimming, I knew the bond I had developed with this body of water would have a hand in shaping my future.


Through increased media coverage and, after witnessing it first hand on a trip to the Indian Ocean, I was becoming increasingly aware of the devastating effect plastic waste was having on marine life across the world. That day, overlooking the bay, I knew I wanted to take action and that’s where I had the idea for a pair of sustainable slides – a product connected to the sea both in function and as a resource for materials.


What came next was a hugely challenging journey of turning an idea into reality; putting together a team who shared my ethos and passion, sourcing waste plastic from the oceans and simultaneously helping community projects which tackle poverty, learning how to turn plastic bottles into the correct material for our shoes, finding a manufacturing partner who would share our vision and painstakingly work alongside us to push boundaries and create the most sustainable and stylish slides in the market, to finally bringing our product to life.


Today, I’m proud to say that we’ve developed shoes which are as environmentally friendly as we can possibly make them – everything from the content of the shoe to the dyes that have been used and the location of the factories involved in this project – we’ve tried to minimise our impact on the environment at all stages. And, by working with Plastic Bank which empowers recycling ecosystems around the world, we are proud to be helping people living in poverty build better futures. This is the just the first step on our journey at Ocean5 and the lasting effect we plan to make on our oceans. The tide is finally turning…